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World Aviation Photography

Everything with engines on it

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World Aviation Photography
We photograph anything with an engine on it, and sometimes a Glider or a Balloon. We have a wide variety of photos from many events around the world and like to show an aircraft in another mood than the standard side view.

World Air Photography supporting the "Catalina Preservation Society"

World Air Photography will sell photos from our portfolio and the proceeds will go to the "Catalina Preservation Society". There will be three formats
1. A 12" x 18" Frameless Mounting  your photo is mounted onto a solid board and finished with a black, bevelled edge. CA $ 100.00 plus shipping cost to you from Victoria BC. 

2. A 12" x 18" glossy or satin matte poster that you can frame your own way. CA $ 45.00 plus shipping cost to you from Victoria BC. 

3. 16" x 24"  glossy or satin matte poster that you can frame your own way. CA $ 55.00 plus shipping cost to you from Victoria BC. 

- You can choose from all our numbered photos on the website, or if you have a specific aircraft photo you would like and do no not see here, send us an e-mail and we will send you some contact prints to look at.

- When you have chosen a photo send us an e-mail with the photo #, your full postal address and we will be in touch regarding total payment which includes all shipping costs.

Contact e-mail for orders & questions.

- All payments will be handled by Canadian Relocations through PayPal.

- All photos sold without watermarks.

"Catalina Preservation Society"


World Aviation Photography

Victoria, BC Canada

When The PBY-5A Catalina is flying again, it should look like this.

This is how it currently looks. Waiting for the overhauled engines, blisters, markings and a few other things.

This is how it started out, as a water bomber for Buffalo Airways in Yellowknife NWT.Here it is after being flown to Victoria BC.